Foster & Matt Bartholow

Foster and Matt Bartholow—the Bartholow Brothers—are two of the top trap shooting names in America. Both have significant accomplishments under their belts at state and regional shoots, all the way up to the Grand American Trap Shoot.

Both know how to get the job done under pressure, Foster was declared Co-Champion at the 2008 Grand American Trapshoot, shooting 1,100×1,100 single clay targets in a row, going down in history as the longest shoot off ever recorded at the Grand.

Matt won his “Grand” ring at the 2011 World championships when he placed 1st in the Doubles Championship. From there things have only gone up, last year Matt broke more birds at the 2017 Grand than any other shooter. Winner of the Radians HOA 2600 Targets Championship—Event Champion- 2556×2600.

They also hold free youth shooting clinics every year, helping thousands of kids throughout the US at their “We Are 1/Your Recipe” clinics.

Foster Says: “Shooting hundreds or thousands of sells during events, your firearms can get dirty quickly. Matt and I both rely on Breakthrough because of the proven performance day in and day out. Not to mention being non-toxic and odor free, Breakthrough have the best products in the market”

They are not just competitive trap shooters. Matt and Foster live the outdoor lifestyle. They are hunters as well as shooters. While Matt loves his dove hunting, Foster enjoys the opportunity to hunt waterfowl, upland, big game and predators, both firearm and archery.

They both use and trust Breakthrough Clean as their go-to choice. Foster Says: “While hunting archery and firearm, it’s critical to stay hidden by scent, and with Breakthrough’s selection of odorless technologies, this helps me do just that. Not only does it keep me hidden, it out-performs everything else I have tried on the market in the worst conditions”

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