Breakthrough® Clean Sponsored Shooters Win Big!

September 18 2017 – Breakthrough® Clean Technologies, makers of the finest gun cleaning solvent, lubricant and gun maintenance products, congratulate sponsored shooters Foster and Matt Bartholow for their stack of wins at the 2017 Grand American Trap Shoot.


  • Event 2- Trap & Field Handicap—–Matt- Event 4th-97×100
  • Event 3- Little Egypt Golf Cars Doubles—- Matt- Event Runner up – 100×100
  • Event 4- MEC Shooting Sports Singles—- Foster- Event 3rd-100×100
  • Event 6- Zoli International Doubles—- Matt- AAA Champion – 99×100
  • Event 7- Sterling Cut Glass Singles—- Foster- Event 3rd– 100×100
  • Event 8- Gipson-Ricketts Handicap—- Matt- Event 3rd– 98×100
  • Event 9- Kolar Doubles—-Matt- Event 3rd – 99×100
  • Event 10- NRA Singles —- Matt- AAA Champion – 200×200
  • Event 11- Krieghoff 100 Handicap—- Matt- Event 4th– 98×100
  • Event 12- Rio Ammo Doubles—- Matt- Event Champion – 100×100
  • Event 13- Blaser Handicap—- Matt- 27-yard runner up – 97×100
  • Event 14- Wenig Doubles—- Matt- AAA Champion – 100×100
  • Gun & Trophy Insurance Preliminary HOA 1000 targets—- Matt- Event Champion- 986×1000
  • White Flyer HOA 1500 targets—- Matt- Event Champion- 1480×1500
  • EZ Go HAA Preliminary Week—- Matt- Event Champion- 398×400
  • Winchester Super 500 Singles—- Foster- AAA Runner up- 498×500
  • Millennium Luxury Coaches Super 500 Handicap—- Matt- Event Champion- 485×500
  • Gun & Trophy Insurance Super 500 Doubles—- Matt- Event Champion- 498×500
  • National Team Race- Team SD – Event Champions—- Matt 296×300, Foster 286×300
  • Sibling Race (Brother/Brother) —– Foster and Matt- Champions 200×200 each (400×400)
  • Event 20- Kubota Doubles—-Matt- AAA Runner up 100×100
  • Event 24- Remington Grand American Handicap- Matt- Event 3rd– 96×100
  • Blue/Gray Shootout Championship— Blue (North) team champion- Matt 23×25
  • State Team Race—- SD team runner up- Matt 199×200 Foster 200×200
  • ATA HOA by Prize Possessions 1000 Grand Week—- Matt- AAA Runner up- 976×1000
  • Radians HOA 2600 Targets Championship —- Matt- Event Champion- 2556×2600

Also world champion shooter JJ Racaza places 2nd in the 2017 IPSC Handgun World Shoot XVIII. Congratulations to our friend and long-time supporter JJ Racaza.

About Breakthrough® Clean Technologies: In 2013, Breakthrough Clean released their flagship product Breakthrough Military-Grade Solvent in response to an ever growing need for a more effective, odorless, user-safe, and eco-friendly cleaning solvent that worked efficiently and safely to remove carbon fouling from firearms fast. Through Breakthrough® Clean’s continual commitment to excellence, state of the art research, and processes, they now provide a complete gun care maintenance system geared to make cleaning and maintaining your firearm easier, safer, and faster than ever. Breakthrough Clean’s solvent eliminates more contaminants than most leading gun cleaners, and its lubricants easily withstand extreme temperatures (won’t gum up) and minimize the frequency of needed applications all while extending your firearms life. Breakthrough® Clean is the choice for gun owners who settle for nothing less than the best when it comes to the care of their firearms, bows, knives and fishing reels.

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