Mathias Malak

Mathias was born in Miami, Florida on November 4, 1985. His participation in organized sports began at age four with soccer. At this same time he also started shooting with his father and other family members. Excelling in multiple sports while growing up, Mathias began shooting archery competitively at the age of 13 where he won three Florida state championships and set two state records.

During this time Mathias began to explore multiple disciplines of firearms. Mathias played two Division One sports during college where he obtained a degree in Business Management from the acclaimed Warrington College of Business at The University of Florida. The University of Florida also allowed him to obtain his United States Parachute Association A-License, which he is now a current C-License holder.

Once graduating from college, Mathias became an economics teacher at the high school honors level. Teaching allowed him to coach under a Three-Time National Championship and Hall of Fame coach where he discovered his love for instruction and mentoring. During his time spent coaching, Mathias was selected nationally for a Special Warfare Contract in the U.S. Navy. At this time he expounded on his knowledge and love for precision shooting and eventually collected his NRA Instructor ratings. While working with Breakthrough Clean he exhibited his knowledge and skills, which resulted in multiple sponsorships giving him the opportunity to compete and pass along the knowledge he has obtained.

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