Breakthrough® Military-Grade Solvent has no odor, is non-staining, removes all fouling, while completely evaporating, leaving absolutely no residue behind. And it’s truly pH neutral, which means it’s safe on your firearm’s wood, plastics, polymers, cerakote and/or hydro-printing. And unlike traditional firearm cleaning solvents, Breakthrough® Military-Grade Solvent has a flashpoint of 150° F and is therefore considered non-flammable. Breakthrough® Military-Grade Solvent cleans efficiently, dramatically reducing the duration of cleaning while using less product.

Breakthrough® is the product of choice for gun owners of the past and present who settle for nothing less than the best when it comes to performance, care, and safety of their firearm, themselves, and their environment.

  • Non-water based distilled petroleum solvent that has no carcinogens or hazardous waste materials
  • No odor, is non-staining, removes all fouling, while completely evaporating, leaving absolutely no residue behind
  • Truly pH neutral, which means its safe on your firearm’s wood, plastics, polymers, cerakote and/or hydroprinting
  • Cleans efficiently, dramatically reducing the duration of cleaning and frequency between cleaning
  • Has a flashpoint of 150°F and is therefore considered non-flammable
  • Made in the USA
Metal surfaces that have heavy fouling can lead to reduced accuracy and rust corrosion.
Unlike other solvents, Breakthrough® penetrates deep into the pores of the metal to lift contaminants and break down carbon deposits.


If you are accustomed to using traditional firearm cleaning solvents the transition to using Breakthrough® will be seamless. The application and cleaning process will be the same for both products.


  • Breakthrough® has no odor compared to the volatile chemical odor in Traditional firearm cleaning solvents.
  • Breakthrough® has been granted a toxicity clearance by the Army’s Center for Health Promotion and Preventative Medicine.
  • Breakthrough® has been extensively tested by the US Department of Defense.
  • Breakthrough® has been selected by the US Department of Defense as an authorized product for cleaning of small arms.
  • Breakthrough® has no listed components or characteristics of hazardous waste per the EPA; and worker exposure is not regulated by the OSHA Z-list. Traditional firearm cleaning solvents traditionally contain Kerosene, Ethyl Alcohol and Amyl Acetate that have been assigned occupational exposure limits by OSHA.
  • The flash point of Traditional firearm cleaning solvents is typically around 55 deg F, making it a hazardous material before use. Breakthrough® has a flash point of 150 deg F.
  • Traditional firearm cleaning solvents will evaporate faster than Breakthrough® requiring more product to be used to complete the same task.


When transitioning from using CLP to Breakthrough® as your firearm cleaning choice you will find that:

  • The cleaning time will be reduced. This is due to the fact that Breakthrough® is a superior cleaner.
  • Typically the firearm will need to be cleaned more than once when using CLP. Breakthrough® will completely clean the firearm with one application.
  • The firearm should be cleaned per the owner’s manual. Breakthrough® will remove all fouling (including any lubricant and/or oil) making it necessary to lubricate the firearm upon completion of cleaning.


Breakthrough Cleans’ Lens Cleaner provides a streak-free clean on polycarbonate, plastic and glass lenses, optics, and helmets. This anti-static formula is safe and effective for all types of lens coatings and is alcohol-free.

Our Anti-Fog Gel provides a superior, streak-free finish and long-lasting prevention, effectively eliminating fogging on all kinds of surfaces including multi-coated lenses. With its no-mess brush applicator tip, easily apply a thin layer of the Anti-Fog Gel then simply wipe clean with the included lens cloth. Trust the care of your lenses, optics and goggles to the finest and most effective anti-fogging solution. 

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